Pirates | Cypher

Chapter Eleven: The Rising Tides

Aug. 10th, 1692

A day passed, with the entire crew except for Jimothy still in captivity. Duffy (dressed in a maid outfit, no less) was placed in the same cage as Bird Boy for the amusement of Aquitaine and his court, while Shayla, Anne and Bronston were locked away in the dungeons. Bronston was strapped to a spinning wheel and tortured for information, but he used his magic kill the guards and the torturer, then assumed the identity of one of the fallen guards.

Aquitaine, after being alerted of this incident, nearly executed Anne as retribution for Bronston's "escape". Bird Boy, however, convinced the quietly enraged Aquitaine to instead take both Shayla and Anne as his wives and continue the pursuit for Bronston. This simple act ended up saving Anne's life. 

Back on the Liberation, Jimothy, now acting as captain, devised a plan to rescue his captured compatriots. He ordered the ship to be docked in a nearby bay and then sailed back to the Red Port in a rowing boat with intentions of starting a riot in the city. When he arrived, he hired mercenaries to rile up the townsfolk - inspired by his formidable visage, they were committed to doing so.

Meanwhile, in Aquitaine's citadel, Greer and Rodrigo visited Duffy in his cage and began taunting him, gloating that Aquitaine was close to acquiring all of Nereus's maps. Bird Boy taunted Greer in his own way, mimicking him, but this only angered the renegade captain, who lashed out before being calmed by his first mate.

Afterward, Aquitaine peered into Duffy's mind and learned the truth about his connection to Jimothy's father – that is, that he may have been responsible for the man's death some time ago. 


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