Pirates | Cypher

Chapter Fifteen: Armies of the Abyss, Part II

Aug. 18th - 19th, 1692

Chaos reigned over the island of O’Shea Bay. Bronston spotted what looked like a party of survivors further down the beach and opened a portal to their location. One by one, the main party passed through it, with Monsieur Fayette straggling behind them. The survivors included Chinwe and Samwise, as well as a few others from the Liberation and Victorious.

Shayla reverted from her werewolf form, shocking everyone, especially Samwise. The cat was officially out of the bag.

As nightfall approached, they made camp at a small clearing in the woods. Fayette revealed his true nature and explained how he became a pirate: after Anne ran away from him and joined the circus, a vengeful flame juggler set fire to his mansion, so he joined a convent of Hair Priests and learned of a great war being fought. He began traveling the seas to uncover the mysteries of this war.

He informed them of Virgiltown, a secluded village a day east of them that was protected by something or someone. Chinwe, somewhat injured, entered a deep trance to conceal the camp from the Atlanteans who were scouring the island.

At daybreak, the main party was faced with two options: head north or head south. Bronston created and snuck through a portal to scout the Atlanteans activities to the north. They had made an enormous beachhead and were loading cargo onto a French ship. Chinwe collapsed of exhaustion. Shortly afterward, a lone Atlantean found the camp and captured Vesper, taking him northward.

Sadly unable to retrieve him, the rest of the crew settled on going south to the town to possibly find supplies and survivors. There, they happened upon a large mound of burned corpses. Duffy found Camilla’s hat, but Anne found a quivering Jonathan beneath some of the bodies. He was twenty years older than the Jonathan they knew, and was supposedly from the future, a future in which the main party had died on this day.

They discovered a broken schooner washed ashore and resolved to fix it and use it to escape. Meanwhile, Vesper met with the commander of these Atlanteans: a hulking, 8-foot creature wearing a golden suit of armor. Vesper managed to convince him that they were good friends, so this being, calling himself Ghurk, treated him like a loved pet.

He sailed southward to the main party, just as they were being assaulted by a dozen Atlanteans, and told Vesper that he would smash all of his friends with his hammer.


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