Pirates | Cypher

Chapter Seventeen: Beyond the Mists

???, 1692

Jimothy confronted the Pumpkin King for the final time. Near the end of the transference, the Pumpkin King manifested a ghostly version of itself and began strangling the boy as a last ditch effort. However, Jimothy succeeded in the psychic showdown, fully absorbing the King’s essence and emerging from the battle with a more subdued, albeit still unsettling appearance. Pryce was somewhat seduced by this.

Vesper kindly interrogated a captured Dark Atlantean. The boy learned much about him and his race (including their language) and how they wanted to revive Atlantis in their image. The Dark Atlantean, after some convincing and seeing how strong and kind his opponents were, agreed to change his ways and work with them. He revealed his name to be Slackjaw.

The crew quickly learned that they were somewhere in the Devil’s Triangle, a day east of St. Augustine and about an hour west of Virgiltown. They decided to sail to Virgiltown. Vesper observed the moon and stars, learning that weeks and possibly months have passed since the teleportation. Jonathan the Elder found a letter in his pocket adressed to the crew. He gave it to Shayla.

The letter was written by a future Virgil who sent Jonathan back in time to spur the crew into reaching a past version of himself. An unusual seal was provided with the letter. Virgil claimed that his past self would know what it meant when showed to him. But before they could give it to him, he wrote, the crew would have to pass through a “time storm”.

Jimothy and Pryce fished off the side of the boat together. When asked what she knew of Duffy being the killer of Jimothy’s father, Pryce couldn’t confirm it. But she suspected he was hiding something, possibly from her as well. Jimothy agreed to peer into Duffy’s memories, for both of their sakes. Below deck, Fayette made amends with Anne Marie. She reluctantly forgave him, after learning that his family perished in the fire that destroyed his manor. He gave her an Atlantean steel dagger, which would have been hers had they married.

As dawn approached, the crew reached a heavy blanket of mists – what appeared to be the time storm – and held their breaths, per Virgil’s advice. Everything went black. Shayla, Vesper, Duffy, Bronston, Anne, and Jimothy all awoke in a derelict building in a time that wasn’t their own. None of their spells worked and they were wearing strange clothes.

They looked around, learning from a book that the year was at least 1904. Vesper and Jimothy spotted strange soldiers wandering through the dusty, pillaged town. They wore ghastly masks with large eyes and held very advanced guns. Wishing to avoid the majority of them in the town’s center, the crew attempted to sneak into the wildnerness, but were discovered by three of the soldiers.

Shayla, somehow maintaining her werewolf form, transformed and bit off the head of one of the soldiers. Duffy managed to kill another one with a butter knife. No longer pursued, they pushed forward to what looked like a large estate on a hill. However, artillery shells began raining from the sky, exploding all around them. Most of them made it to the estate with only minor injuries, although Anne was seriously wounded.

They happened upon a large mirror in one of the rooms. It was reflecting three objects that weren’t in the room itself: a ship in a bottle, a naval painting, and a sextant. Vesper realized that finding these objects was key to escaping the time storm. Duffy went searching for clues upstairs, but before he could, a soldier appeared behind him and teleported him to a darkened room.


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