Admiral Nereus

The Trident Lord


Admiral Nereus was nearly 200 years old and stood at a height of roughly 6 feet, which was average for a pre-cataclysm Atlantean. His hair was dark blonde and his eyes were grey; he frequently wore armor that appeared gold in the sunlight.


Apart from being a skilled soldier and leader, Nereus was also well-versed in the magical arts. A month before Atlantis’s downfall, he had visions of its doom and made preparations to leave with his household, a thousand of his most loyal sailors and a ship full of irreplaceable Atlantean artifacts and chronicles – what would later be known as the Hoard of Atlantis.

The other Atlanteans believed him to be mad, but he was proven right. Shortly after he departed with a thousand men, his entire family and nine ships, Atlantis was pulled into the ocean and obliterated, its inhabitants becoming grotesque corruptions of their previous selves. Nereus led these exile with his two warrior daughters, Opis and Thetis. Together, the three of them resolved to temporarily bury the treasure in one place in order to unencumber their ships and search the world for more of their kind.

They did so, and created a map to its location that was broken into three pieces (one piece given to each leader) so as to ensure that nobody else would find it. Opis, Thetis and Nereus then headed in different directions around the world, agreeing that they would meet up again in ten years, retrieve the treasure and begin rebuilding a new Atlantean society.

None of this happened. Opis’s ships ran aground in the Arctic, Thetis’s were caught in a violent storm, and Nereus’s simply vanished, never to be seen again. The maps were lost to sea, changing hands from one civilization to the next, before two of them ended up in the hands of pirates in the Caribbean.

Admiral Nereus

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