Grizzled and stern-looking, Aquitaine was a man in his middle years. His hair and beard were neatly kempt (for pirate standards) and his eyes were piercingly grey.


Aquitaine was considered one of the greatest Pirate Lords of the world’s oceans, and one of only two to openly practice magic. Little is known of his history, apart from the fact that his family may have operated the largest orphanage in the French city of Bordeaux.

His rise to piracy wasn’t noted until the early 1680’s, when he began plundering Spanish and then British ships with a cadre of mysterious sorcerers. He recruited sailors ruthlessly and had twelve ships and three towns in his possession by the end of the decade.

He often ran afoul of fellow Pirate Lord Emily Pryce, with their two fleets vying for control of the lawless Caribbean throughout 1691. Later that year, Aquitaine was instantly killed by a backfired spell of his own creation. This ultimately drove his loyal wizard-knights to attempt to resurrect their surrogate father and master though any means necessary.


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