Duffy O'Shea

Captain (Former Pirate Hunter)


Governour Moss,

I write to you in response to your request for an evaluation of Lt. Duffy O’Shea. Included in this letter is a full evaluation of the man, along with my own personal opinion on the man.

Subject: Lt. Duffy O’Shea
Height: 186 cm
Weight: 12 st 12 lb
Age: 30
Status: AWOL

Lt. O’Shea presents himself as an exceptionally capable sailor. In combat, he has shown a propensity for weapons of all kinds. He has proven to be a charismatic leader time and again, as the crew members of his last ship, the HMS Crystal, show a great deal of respect and admiration for the man. He also displays a vast understanding of the pirate cultures in the area. This allows him to get close to his targets and attack before they can realize his ruse.

Despite his intelligence, Lt. O’Shea tends to display impulsive behavior. Many times he has made decisions that put the lives of his men in jeopardy. Most times he manages to avoid catastrophe, although there have a few noteworthy times in which he has not been able to provide heroics, the so-called Venetian Incident being a recent example. He also presents signs of arrogance, cockiness, and self-righteousness. This may be representative of a tumultuous childhood, although I cannot be entirely sure.

Governour Moss, this might seem like an obvious statement, but I implore you to not take this man lightly. He is a skilled sailor who understands how we operate inside and out and he must be found and dealt with immediately.


Dr. Landry Givens
East India Company Headquarters, London
March, 1690


Duffy O'Shea

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