Jimothy Kraggles

First Mate, Dual Wielder


Jimothy’s Current state.

Since chapter 3 Jimothy has been unable to speak due to the injury inflicted upon him by Old Man Jenkins, he has also since then had a portion of his hand bitten clean off by a zombie. to remedy this Lord Bronston acquired Kumpuat to help him communicate. Jimothy having partially merged with the pumpkin king has since regained his voice and upon cimpletion ot the ritual will be aquire a new hand.

Number of 1’s vs. number of 20’s
1→ 10
20→ 5

Physical Summary.

Jimothy is a 17 year boy with blonde hair that flows and glows radiantly at all times without question. Standing at around 5’ 10’’ he is a bit on the thinner side and is a stealthy kind of character.

Physical Description.

Eyes: Blue
Hair: blonde
Height: 5’ 10"
Weight: 160 lbs

Character Description.

Type: Explorer
Descriptor: Fast
Flavor: Stealth
Focus: dual wielder/awakens dreams

Character Connections (NPC).

Kumquat → this parrot is not only Jimothy’s only way of communicating verbally but is also considered by him to be family. Jimothy uses subtle eye movements and sounds to tell Kumquat what to say and do.

Chinwe → to Jimothy, Chinwe is his closest friend on the ship, they have engaged in some occasional herb ceremonies and have built a bond through this. Jimothy spends more time in Chinwe’s Quarters than in his own, as he is not only interested in Chinwe but also is infatuated by the magic that the shaman practices.

Old Man Jenkins → Old man Jenkins was Jimothy’s first love. a subtle touch turned into an intimate get together. When things went wrong in Chapter Three Jimothy had his throat slashed and his voice taken from him. Just the very mention of this name is enough to light a fire under Jimothy’s belly and fill him with unassailable rage.

Ashley Hartwood → a new friend to Jimothy, she saved his life after a zombie stole his hand from him, they spent a few days together and he has come to appreciate Ashley.

Jonathan Smitty → Jimothy takes pity on the boy, he was thrown into the world of piracy just as he had been, in chapter 6 & 7 Jimothy risked his own safety to go and find Jonathan. Jimothy see’s Jonathon as Duffy had once seen him.

Rhys Ekupp → Jimothy sees Rhys as merely somebody to use, he was initially thankful for the opportunity to sail with him but quickly grew to not care for the man in the slightest. as seen in chapter 2.

Character Connections (Party).

Duffy O’Shea → Jimothy sees him as a a father figure and would do absolutely anything to keep Duffy alive. even kill Rhys Ekupp for Duffy as seen in Chapter Two. He trusts Duffy’s ideology and takes his words as law.

Anne Marie de la Fontaine → Jimothy is not a fan of Anne’s harlot nature but does respect the fact that she is not helpless like other woman he has encountered. He also enjoys her odd blue hair.

Lord Bronston Henry VIII → after the events of Chapter Three Jimothy feels indebted toward Lord Bronston as he was the first person to come to his aid and save his life. He also is absolutely astounded by Bronston’s intellect, the way he is able to figure out anything in a moments notice is an astounding feat.

Shayla Amura Elmyra → to Jimothy, Shayla is the single scariest person aboard the Liberation not due to her ferocious werewolf form or her formidable battle axe, but because of her ability to see through deception. Jimothy is very pensive around her as to not tip her off to his exploits and secrets. Also after learning of her secret from eavesdropping a conversation between Duffy and Lord Bronston, he is now even more on guard near Shayla.


Jimothy at the ripe age of 12 finds himself aboard the Dawn of Wales . Before he was a pampered and sheltered child who then found himself thrown into the world of pirating. He was kidnapped from his world renowned family by two mysterious criminals. From these two gentleman he learned the skills necessary to survive on his own, stealing, sneaking, killing, lying, and most importantly surviving. Using these acquired talents he caught the eye of Captain Rhys Ekupp who then offered him a place on his ship. Where he met the person that would go on to be his father figure and eventual best friend, Duffy O’Shea. Duffy would help him hone his skills in dual wielding and general pirating as they adventure off into the Caribbean.

Jimothy Kraggles

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