Captains Log

November 3rd, 1691: To the crows with Aquitaine. I’ll find the Hoard of Atlantis, for myself and myself alone.

November 8th, 1691: After much consideration on the matter, I have thought it prudent to make a temporary truce with Captain Aquitaine. For now. I will not lick the seaweed off his boots, but I will cooperate. At the very least, this truce will save me trouble with the wizards.

November 10th, 1691: Bronston continues to show promise in his navigational skills. He is young, but I see great success in his future aboard this ship.

November 15th, 1691: Pryce is a cunt. I will not bow down so easily to cunts.

November 26th, 1691: Evanson has caught wind of the map’s location. One of his cousins in the Navy met a merchant who says he knew four pirates who tried finding the map in Florida, but only one returned. Savages have been keeping it in the skull of a conquistador apparently. After all these years. Finally. It is too much to believe. I pray we are not already too late.

December 1st, 1691: Sometimes, Chinwe frightens me. I will respect his privacy from now on.

January 14th, 1692: When we arrived to retrieve the skull, the injuns just showed us a leather map. Said it was one of their own, whatever that meant. The skull was lost to the sea. Was only a holding vessel, they said. Some of them made a fuss about giving the map to us. We made short work of them. Couldn’t bring ourselves to kill the children.

January 19th, 1692: The rum was on my table, just this morning. It was here! I will find the mutinous dog responsible for this treachery. Quartermaster Keening and I will scour every floorboard of this ship if we must. My men WILL speak, or they will perish!

January 21st, 1692: No luck finding the rum. I struck two of my men out of anger. I cannot go on like this. Evanson has assured me that I may have simply misplaced it and forgotten its location. The last few days have been taking quite the toll on me.

January, 30th, 1692: We have made port at Nassau. Pryce rules this island with an iron fist now. No one dares challenge her armada, save for that pompous idiot Aquitaine. Four of his ships have anchored here over the past week. Let us pray this doesn’t come to war.

January 31st, 1692: I have been sleepless, busy thinking: what if this one map is actually many? Someone here might know more about this, about the Hoard.

February 6th, 1692: Keening has disappointed me of late. He squandered the ship’s allowance on overpriced munitions. I will not suffer fools who waste good coin. If he cannot cheaply acquire provisions, his skull may be the next one to end up on my desk.

February 13th, 1692: That pirate hunter Duffy still mostly keeps to himself. Claims to be one of us, but I don’t buy it. Not yet. His time to prove himself will come, else he’ll be sent to the Locker. 

February 17th, 1692: No one on this blasted island has a clue about the maps. To hell with them then.

March 5th, 1692: We've been docked in Tortuga for the week. Last night, Keening went missing. Just up and fuckin' vanished. Belongings are still here. Some of the men think he left for Aquitaine's crew, but I don't think so.

March 8th, 1692: I'm beginning to believe that the only way I'll ever find the other two maps is to interrogate an Atlantean myself. Too bad none have been seen for centuries, or so the legends say.

Captains Log

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