Red Port


Red Port – or Puerto Rojo – was once an important Spanish bastion on the Yucatan coast. After nearly a century of Spanish rule, it was raided and taken over by the Pirate Lord Aquitaine in 1687. Spain, politically weakened, encumbered by debt and losing ground to both Pirate and French hostility, never attempted to take it back.

Under Aquitaine’s rule, it flourished as a bizarre port of mercenaries, deserters, daring merchants and prostitutes, all of them sharing in the wealth of the Pirate Lord’s plundering operations. Infighting and jealously soon became common, however, and it festered within the people.

All it had taken was the arrival of a strange pumpking demon to stir their anger and frustration and envy and focus it toward Aquitaine. The city was sacked in 1692 and many of Aquitaine’s officials and wizards were slain in the revolt.

Red Port

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