Pirates | Cypher

Chapter Five: Wolves in the Night, Part II

Aug. 1st - 2nd, 1692

Bronston, Anne and dozens of their crewmates defended the ship against Greer’s raiders, with Bronston disposing of several enemies before accidentally shattering his hand in a backfired spell. The raiders, losing ground, eventually retreated. Shayla and Allison continued to brawl in the marshes as Jimothy fled back to the ship with most of his men.

After both Duffy and Hector soothed their respective werewolves, Hector carried an unconscious Allison back to town, and Duffy and Shayla found one of their startled crewmates who had gone missing in the fray.

Returning to the carnage aboard the ship, Duffy inquired as to what the hell had happened. Bronston filled him in. After tracking Hector down to one of Aquitaine’s hideouts, Duffy and Jimothy convinced him and his lover Allison to take refuge aboard their ship and leave the island.

They then met with Emily Pryce to inform her that Hector had been dealt with. Duffy requested more men from her, but she refused because Duffy would not sail beneath her flag as one of her lieutenants. She still rewarded him with five pouches of flying powder. Anne seduced and had sex with the shopkeep James for five pounds of free tea.

Shayla discovered a thick, green mist and slime – connected to the Atlanteans – just outside of Pryce’s Castle. She bottled the slime. Bronston met with the young Ashley Hartwood, the purported best healer in Nassau, and had his broken hand mended. Pandora’s Box, now glowing silver and radiating energy, was opened by a charmed Jimothy, unleashing countless shadows into the surrounding region.


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