Pirates | Cypher

Chapter Four: Wolves in the Night, Part I

Aug. 1st, 1692

Bronston bought a parrot named Violet (later renamed Kumquat) for Jimothy. Shayla, Jimothy and Duffy visited the Pirate Queen Emily Pryce, but she would only offer the group her resources and cooperation if, as a show of loyalty, they drove Aquitaine’s recruiter out of town – Aquitaine being Pryce's greatest rival.

The recruiter, Crooked Hector, was engaged to a fishmonger named Allison Pritchard, who Shayla later discovered was a werewolf like herself. Anne refused to join Greer’s crew and steal Duffy’s map for them, displeasing Greer’s first mate, Alvarez.

That night, Duffy, Hector, Shayla and Allison headed into the southern wetlands to attempt a ritual cure for the lycanthropy. Jimothy followed close behind with a cohort of men to try and capture Hector alive. However, Shayla and Allison both transformed into werewolves sooner than expected and attacked each other, sending plans into chaos. Greer’s crew began raiding The Dawn of Wales.


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