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Chapter Fourteen: Armies of the Abyss, Part I

Aug. 18th, 1692

The crew of the Liberation arrived in O’Shea Bay, only to discover that it was being occupied by Emily Pryce’s forces. They called a meeting with the Pirate Queen and made way for the town proper. Jimothy, Vesper and Anne met with the keeper of the Pumpkin King’s diminutive half, which had been steadily growing weaker with each passing day.

Jimothy consumed the fetus-like creature, strengthing his bond with the original Pumpkin King. Meanwhile, Duffy, Bronston, Shayla and David prepared for the meeting with Pryce and decided to hold it within the large town hall.

Pryce and a retinue of her finest men eventually arrived on the island with two prisoners, Roland Greer and his first mate Rodrigo Alvarez, in tow (both of whom Vesper taunted). Everyone gathered in the town hall to partake in the meeting. Pryce made an offer for Duffy: the first piece of Nereus’s map for Greer and Alvarez – as well as a large sum of money. She gave him and his officers until the evening to talk it over.

Duffy made up his mind. Anne spotted her ex-betrothed, Monsieur Fayatte, now apparently a pirate, looming in the corner of the town hall. He noticed her as well. Back on the ship, Bronston fell ill and regurgitated a pulsing, purple mass with one eyeball. It claimed to be speaking on behalf of “them” and warned him that everything they treasured could be taken away in an instant. It then died.

Later in the day, Pryce and Duffy met aboard the Liberation to come to a conclusion on the offer. Duffy’s counteroffer was that he give her O’Shea Bay for her piece of the map, and Greer and Alvarez. With some persuading, she agreed and a deal was struck.

However, the entire fleet anchored near the town was abruptly attacked by mechanical sea serpents and dark-scaled, mechanical Atlanteans. Hundreds of sailors were massacred and the Liberation was snapped in half by the twisting coils of one of the serpents; everyone aboard was tossed into the sea.

Duffy, Anne, Shayla, Jimothy, Bronston and Cookie all made it relatively safely to the shore, but Vesper and Pryce were swallowed by a serpent and frantically tried fighting their way out. Shayla became a werewolf. Cookie was swiftly decapitated by a thrown Atlantean blade.

Enraged by this, Duffy and Jimothy temporarily fused their energies together to launch a vicious scythe spell toward the serpent that had eaten Vesper and Pryce and destroyed their ship. It’s head was hewn off and it collapsed, freeing the two allies.


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