Pirates | Cypher

Chapter Sixteen: Hammerfall

Aug. 19th, 1692

Vesper convinced Ghurk to halt the attack on his friends and allies. He told the enormous metal man that they were also his friends and, with the help of some magic, was able to sell the fabrication as a truth. Ghurk had the Atlanteans bind Pryce, Chinwe, Samwise, Fayette, Jonthan the Elder, Anne, Duffy, Shayla, and Bronston and bring them all aboard the ship. Jimothy, however, ran away before anyone could capture him.

Ghurk promised to not harm his new “friends”, but he insisted that they be upgraded like the subservient French soldiers. Just then, an Atlantean discovered the two maps to Nereus’s treasure on Duffy’s person, angering Ghurk. He claimed that he had been ordered by his master to destroy any trace of the maps, so he confiscated them and prepared to execute Duffy with his hammer.

The maps began glowing blue, causing Anne and Shayla to writhe in pain. Vesper suspected that this meant the two girls were descendants of Nereus and that the maps, now in contact with each other, were reacting to their plight.

Meanwhile, back on the island, Jimothy threw the Atlanteans off of his trail and snuck aboard Ghurk’s flagship. Ghurk raised his hammer above Duffy, intending to grind him into a pulp, but Vesper had covertly released his allies from their binds, beginning a fight for survival on the ship. Shayla entered her werewolf form, this time of her own volition.

Jimothy and Anne made it to the bottom deck and quickly dispatched the two Atlantean guards there, coming to a room housing a pulsating brain-like structure. On the main deck, Ghurk smashed Duffy with the hammer, but was scalded in the crotch by the smaller captain as retaliation. Chinwe, still weak and wounded, hid in a barrel. Bronston opened a portal beneath Ghurk and severed his left leg after closing it, causing the metal commander to enter a howling rage.

After fending off an Atlantean witch, Vesper shattered Ghurk’s psyche by abruptly ending their friendship – the worst. Bronston delivered the killing blow to Ghurk by jumping through his own portal and onto the larger man, then stabbing him through the armor with a retractable knife. A teddy bear bomb was revealed within the hulking suit of armor, but Duffy threw it into the ocean just before it exploded.

Jimothy killed the brain-like organism, liberating all of the French soldiers who then fought against their robotic and Atlantean brainwashers. Despite this, hundreds of Atlanteans were still swarming toward the ship. Escape seemed futile. So, with the crew’s prospects looking bleak, Chinwe raised his hand into the air and teleported the ship to an unknown nighttime location. He was nowhere to be found.


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