Pirates | Cypher

Chapter Six: City of Fire

Aug. 2nd, 1692

Ashley Hartwood asked Duffy and his friends to reclaim her village from the hands of an immortal pirate named Virgil. He agreed, so long as she served as the crew's healer.

Discovering an army of zombies at her doorstep, Emily Pryce called upon all captains docked in her harbor to come to the city's defense, even offering Duffy and his crew a handsome reward should they cooperate. They renegotiated the terms and agreed to instead evacuate and destroy the city to avoid any unnecessary deaths. After a successful evacuation, kegs of gunpowder were then placed all across Nassau.

A possessed Chinwe warned Duffy about the dangers of seeking Atlantean artifacts. Duffy disposed of the Pandora's Box. Ashley, escorted by Bronston, created a wall of brambles around Nassau to temporarily stave off the invasion, then collapsed into her protector's arms. Cookie noticed that Jonathan was missing, purportedly somewhere in the city. Duffy, Jimothy and Shayla left the ship in search of him.

Shayla and Duffy came across Bronston, who was pushing an unconscious Ashley on a cabbage cart. A building near Duffy exploded from a stray cannon ball, but he survived with only minor burns and bruises.

The rest of the ships bombarded the city shortly thereafter, leading to a cascade of explosions that incinerated scores of zombies. As Shayla voluntarily transformed into a werewolf to continue the search for Jonathan, Bronston, Ashley and Duffy made it safely back to the docks with the help of the quartermaster's magic. Meanwhile, Anne masturbated and sipped tea in the confines of the ship.

Back in the city, Jimothy failed to find Jonathan, instead coming across a large trident-wielding Atlantean who guided him to safety. Reaching the rooftops, Jimothy underestimated a jump and fell into a pack of zombies who immediately began eating him. However, he managed to escape in time and, directed by the Atlantean, followed him into the inferno of the city.


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