Pirates | Cypher

Chapter Thirteen: The Clockwork Men

Aug. 11 - 18th, 1692

With Aquitaine’s armies and city in ruins, Anne, Duffy, Bronston, Shayla, Bird Boy (now preferring to be called Vesper) and Jimothy utilized Camilla’s magical cabinet to teleport back to their ship. They then set sail to the Red Port and permitted the entire crew of the Liberation to plunder what was left of the city.

Jimothy, Anne, Duffy and Shayla stumbled across one of Aquitaine’s wizards, dead and strung up between two buildings. A letter on his body indicated that he had been one of Governor Moss’s many informants and spies. Willard, a glass blower, was later intimidated into joining the Liberation’s crew.

Meanwhile, Bronston explored Aquitaine’s vacant castle and found that several of the rooms had been rifled through. Noises emanated from around him. Upon entering the library, he was confronted by two clockwork men seeking information for “them”, as well as a clockwork cat scampering about.

Bronston escaped by leaping through a window, but he fell to the street ungracefully and was then injected with a strange serum by the clockwork cat.

The crew later regrouped at a destroyed smithy and salvaged many unique and exotic weapons from the rubble. Back on the ship, Bronston warned the rest of his crew about what he saw, but no one believed him. As a new day dawned, the Liberation embarked on the week-long journey to O’Shea Bay.


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