Pirates | Cypher

Chapter Twelve: End of the Line

Aug. 10 - 11th, 1692

For Aquitaine, the end of all things had finally come. He took his soon-to-be wives Shayla and Anne to bed, but Shayla inadvertently transformed into a werewolf and attacked the nude pirate lord while Anne hid beneath the bed.

Aquitaine, after probing Shayla’s mind and seeing her troubled past, sympathized with her over the loss of her father. He surrendered and revealed himself to be a wizard named Castor Morales, and then assembled all of the other wizards for a special meeting

Beyond the citadel, Jimothy’s rebellion went exactly as planned. Many of the pirates, mercenaries and traders not directly aligned with Aquitaine’s crew were rallied behind the promise of newer and stronger leadership in the city.

They gathered their weapons and charged for the citadel, meeting Aquitaine’s wizards and bruisers head-on in a violent clash in the courtyard. Jimothy, after trying to sneak past the conflict and into the citadel, was shortly discovered by a wizard and taken to the ritual chamber underground.

Aquitaine, now as Castor, announced to his loyalists that they would not allow the city to fall to the sudden rebellion. It was made known to Duffy, Bird Boy, Anne, Bronston (who was present, but still disguised as a guard) and Shayla that Castor and the other wizards had been attempting to resurrect Aquitaine through a ritual that would bind his soul to his body again.

So far, however, the ritual had been a failure. Bird Boy astutely suggested that the ritual book could’ve been mistranslated, which led to the translator Bartimaeus being apprehended for incompetence.

Bartimaeus was forced to be sacrificed in one last attempt to perform the ritual. Him and the rest of the crew were brought to the ritual chamber, where a stone altar and Aquitaine’s desiccated corpse lay. Castor stabbed Bartimaeus upon the altar and commenced the ritual with three other wizards. For a moment, nothing happened.

Then, a crackling rift in space-time tore open above the altar and released a large, writhing mass of flesh with dozens of eyes on its head. This creature, referring to itself as the Mother of a Thousand Eyes, was ostensibly under Castor’s control, so he dismissed the other wizards to aid in the defense of the citadel. Jimothy was brought to the chamber shortly thereafter, where he was finally reunited with the captive crewmates.

Castor, however, was not pleased. He ordered the Mother to execute Duffy and Jimothy on the spot, as both of them had been the greatest thorns in his side thus far. This began a harrowing battle for survival, compelling Bird Boy, Anne, Shayla, Bronston to side with their compatriots against Castor and the eldrtich beast.

After Castor was defeated, the Mother of a Thousand Eyes relented attacking and vowed to return to this world with more of its kind. It stole Castor’s body and vanished through the rift with it. The crewmates, battered but victorious, returned to Aquitaine’s reception chamber and were met with a knocking in the closet.

They opened it, revealing an old, white-haired witch calling herself Camilla. She claimed that Bronston had saved her life two weeks ago and had been trying to search him out ever since. In Aquitaine’s office, the crew found notes on the possible location of Nereus’s third map: the frozen Arctic.


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