Bird Boy

A 15 yr old who only uses others' words.


A fifteen year old boy wearing a patchwork of brown clothing, with strips of cloth that are shaped like feathers on the arms. Gloves like bird claws and boots with metal talons. His hair is black and brown with hazel eyes. He is scrawny with muscles, and stands meekly taking tiny bird-like steps. His skin is tanned from years on the Island.


Lived on an Island since the age of 8 with only the birds to raise him from a little fledgling into a real bird. He was the only human on his island for 5 years when one day a crew of 5 men came to the island on a little dingy. He kept his distance when suddenly 4 of the men knocked the fifth out. They returned to their big floaty on their little floaty, leaving the man unconscious. Bird boy took the man to his nest and patched him up.
The man slowly started to communicate with the boy, naming him Vesper. The man was captain Jakob Everwrite. Together they learned much, together the man had a son and the boy had a father.

All was well the Boy repeated phrases to make sentences proving to be smarter than his surrounds would have you believe and they were happy, but the boy hearing about the world wanted to see it.

6 months before the crew of the Liberation came to Puerto Rojo The Pirate Lord (Aquataine) had come to the island seeking something. He found Everwrite and Vesper. This lead to Vesper becoming his captive, pet, and record of victims last words. The captain is presumed dead.

Twit Update
This crew has freed me and finally I am free from Aquitaine. Exacting some level of revenge by destroy his favorite son and his home like he ruined mine.
This crew is strange disjointed. I love it they are individuals. Much better than Aquitaine’s sheep. Such a brightly colored flock, maybe I’ll fly with them. Maybe I’ll see more?

Twit update
I haven’t been in O’shay for a day and it burns by the hands of fishy fingers. Also I am captured by a brute that made ol’Aqua seem like Socrates. I despise being held captive like this. he keeps trying to feed me bananas. He will regret this indignity!

Twit Update
The Brute is dead. With our collective might of magic and trickery we destroyed him. Chinway who I had safely stored in a barrel transported us to the Bermuda Triangle as the british man has said.

The Lost Tweet
The Others have escaped the time storm. I here with MY captain. Duffy wasn’t the same as Jacob, but he did his best. Jimothy wasn’t consumed and I’m glad I could help. I’m sad I will not start a band with Shayla, but her songs and fangs will keep them going. Annemarie will hopefully reconcile with her mate, she deserves happiness. Bronston was a bird-Brain like me I hope his thoughts don’t fly him too far though. I hope my crew never gets truly caged and never let the horizons be the end of their sights.

Watching reality collapse around you is quite calming. Swinging on the porch with my Captain. I hope th-

Bird Boy

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