Lord Bronston Henry VIII



Special Abilities

  • Scan (observe everything, even hidden items, in a 10×10×10 foot cube)
  • Shatter (tear apart small distant objects at molecular level causing it to explode)
  • Hedge Magic (disguise smaller objects for short periods of time, make small objects float, mend objects, prepare objects, ect.)
  • Onslaught (do 4 physical damage or 2 intelligence damage with a strong force)
  • Higher Mathematics (can do complex mathematical calculations with ease)
  • Cutting Light (emits a line of light to deal 5 physical damage to immediate foe)


  • Notice small objects (trained)
  • Recall minor trivia (trained)
  • Intimidating creatures (trained)
  • Social difficulty (is an asshole, inability +1 difficulty to pleasant social interactions)
  • Decieving (trained)
  • Intimidating (trained)
  • Lockpicking (trained)
  • Assessing danger (trained)
  • History (trained)
  • Geography (trained)
  • Climbing (trained)
  • Swimming (trained)
  • Navigation (trained)
  • Sailing (trained)
  • Seeing through deception (trained)


  • 578 gold 1 copper
  • spy glass
  • sextant
  • backpack
  • rope (50ft)
  • herbs
  • map
  • quill
  • monocle
  • light tools
  • conch
  • 28 bottles of bad rum

How long has it been? Almost a century I believe, and yet I remember everything correctly. I am Lord Bronston Henry VIII, descendant of Lord Dôn, Child of Dôn , and Last Pure Atlantian. Over a hundred years ago I killed, no that’s not the right word, I served justice to all of my own people for breaking our most sacred rule which violation is penalty of death. My people are all dead and I am the last who is worthy of the pure Atlantin name. Lost in my grief of having to serve justice to my clan I sought out an old Atlantian myth, I sought for Timekeeper Virgil, who provided me with a great service. He blocked my old memories of who I truly was and left me a happier life on the ship in protection of Rhys Ekupp and joined the crew, some of who I have the displeasure of working with.

The crew, what a horrible mix of individuals, but I guess it will do.

Anne Marie de la Fontaine: At the beginning she was utterly useless, she served no use upon the ship except to draw the lustful gaze of the men. Luckily that did not hold. It was much to my surprise that she was versed in the ways of magic and has shown to be particularly skilled at it. Though it was not as much of a surprise as learning hat she was a descendant of Atlantis, though unfortunately she is not pure, her clan soiled the blood line by breeding with the filthy humans, what a shame, she shows promise of greater things.

Bomei: He is new to the crew, I don’t know much about him yet, though he seems to be stuck in the rules but somewhat self righteous in his ways, but such as it is with what I can only assume is a warriors bound by code. He will be a wonderful ally.

Duffy O’Shea: Absolutely chaotic, I would love to say that he is evil, but he doesn’t do things evil, just chaotic without reason at points in time. He has nearly gotten us killed multiple times, as well as having destroyed a countless number of towns and ships. I would be a fool if I did not think that this man has curse on him as misfortune seems to be his way of life. In fact, from the stories he was a much better Pirate hunter than pirate. I do not know of how much use he will be since he is only human.

Jimothy Kraggles: The old saying goes “first impressions are deceiving”, this saying is completely wrong. At first impression he is useless, perhaps even more useless and incompetent that Mrs. LaFontaine. Shortly after the death of Captain Rhys he managed to nearly die three times, lost his voice and one of his hands. Thought luckily he became more useful after making a deal with a demon and joined with it. Now he has told me that he has completely fused and absorbed the entity entirely, he is now more powerful than even the strongest of the wizards on Earth. He will be a very useful toll and ally in this just cause.

Shayla Amura Elmyra: Spabush, disgusting. Normally I would not tolerate this specific group of humans near me, but she was brought aboard by Duffy, not until later I learned why. She is a very useful fighter, but for someone who introduced herself as a bard she is not skilled in music in the slightest. She would probably not be as good a fighter would it not be for the fact she carries a true curse of being a warewolf. Very useful.

Lord Bronston Henry VIII

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