Timekeeper Virgil

Sorcerer Everlasting


Virgil has watery blue eyes and a strong face. He is 162 years old. His left arm was annihilated by the reality sickness. He has a keen hunger for knowledge, having been virtually absent for the last ten thousand years of human history.


Master of Time

Virgil is a powerful time mage and one of the the last true Atlanteans in the world. The rest of his brethren have either died or been transformed into hideous monsters, with a handful of human enclaves still in hiding. During Atlantis’s last days, Virgil – then known by his Atlantean name Cassarius – defected from the Cult of Hecate and was hunted down by them. As a last resort, he teleported himself to the indeterminately distant future and ended up in a remote fishing village in 1692.

The sheer magnitude of this time-leap severely damaged his body. Within hours, his left arm was lost to the reality sickness – a “disease of the universe” in which one is slowly removed from reality after tampering with it too much. He chose to save himself by creating an Immortalis Gate and entering it at least once a day. The villagers were initially perplexed by his presence, but they soon saw it as a blessing.

They called him “Virgil”, after the wandering poet who guided Dante through Hell, and implored him for his protection. Cassarius, sensing the rising influence of the Dark Atlanteans, answered their plea and casted a hundred-year time storm around the village to protect it from any intruders (although some fortunate humans are able to pass through it). The villagers no longer aged or fell sick and were so thankful for this protection that they renamed the village after him.

The Birth of Bronston

Sometime between his epic time-leap and the arrival of the survivors of The Liberation, Virgil caught wind of an Atlantean massacre that had occured some hundred years earlier. Yearning for answers, he cautiously time travelled to the specific location and came across another fellow Atlantean murdering his brethren in cold blood. Virgil intervened on their behalf, after most of them had already been killed, and wiped the murderous Atlantean’s memory. It was the only alternative he could think of, finding himself unable to kill a descendant of his own people, even as an act of vengeance. Virgil then retreated to the future and forbade himself from time travelling ever again.

Timekeeper Virgil

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