Pirates | Cypher

Chapter Eighteen: The Sacrifice

???, 1692

Captain Duffy O’Shea awoke in a darkened bunker where he was subsequently tortured, both physically and psychologically, by the Watchers. He was interviewed by an illusory Dr. Landry Givens, whose circuitous questions dredged up old memories – in particular, ones surrounding the death of Daedas Kraggles, Jimothy’s father.

Back in the manor, Bronston had visions of a slaughtered family, but was unable to pin down what they meant. Him and the rest of the crew left to find the missing mirror objects. Vesper and Jimothy returned to the village they all awoke in, while Anne, Shayla and Bronston went to the larger town in the forest. At the village, Vesper and Jimothy found one of the objects, the painting, but discovered that it had been horribly disfigured by the Watchers – Vesper knew that this now made it completely unusable.

However, Jimothy and Vesper stumbled upon a mysterious man drinking by himself in a pub. They sat down with him and he revealed himself to be Jakob Everwrite, Vesper’s old caretaker. He reassured Vesper and Jimothy that, although the painting had been destroyed, there was still a way to escape, but it would require one of them to make the greatest sacrifice – themselves. Vesper took it upon himself to do this, resolving to ring the church bells three times, which would free his friends from the storm. He told Jimothy to meet with the others.

Back in the larger town, Anne, Shayla and Bronston found the large church and another one of the missing objects, the sextant, before being ambushed by six Watchers. Jimothy broke into the bunker and ran into Duffy, who was conversing with an echo of Daedas. Daedas appeared with scars across his face and he asked about various things, including the status of his son and the possibility of Duffy feeling guilt over his death.

When Jimothy ran toward the echo, it vanished, leaving the boy face to face with his captain. He drew his pistol and asked about his father’s death again, having been prodded by Pryce to do so. The old pirate hunter came clean. He admitted that Shayla, as a werewolf, killed Daedas during the so-called Venetian Incident a few years ago. Jimothy, infuriated, discharged a round into Duffy’s chest, but not before the world around them began fading…

Back in the church, Vesper and Jakob had arrived after fifteen minutes of running. They bolted past Anne, Shayla and Bronston, leading the Watchers in a wild chase up the spiral stairs toward the steeple. At the top, Vesper, clad in a gas mask, rang the bell three times, teleporting Duffy, Jimothy, Anne, Bronston and Shayla onto a beach. Vesper remained with Jakob, enjoying his company as the world around them collapsed.

On the beach, the surviving crew met with a stoic samurai named Bomei who requested they remove their shoes while on the island. Tensions remained high between Duffy and Jimothy. Emily Pryce also washed up on shore. Together, they were led by Bomei to Virgil, whereupon they showed the wizard the letter they had received from his future self. He told them that the fate of the world may be hinging on their survival.

A new ship could be given to them, he proclaimed, but only if he had a tooth from five Pirate Lords. Pryce’s, Aquitaine’s, Duffy’s, and Zhou Zhui’s teeth were all given to Virgil – with a revived Captain Rhys providing the final tooth for the ritual.


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