Pirates | Cypher

Chapter Nineteen: Honor Among Pirates

Dec. 8th - 15th, 1692

With all of the teeth needed to perform the ritual, Virgil summoned forth a bloodred, nameless ghost ship to be used by the heroes of the world. They inspected it, finding it suitable for them. Bronston and Jimothy stayed on it while everyone else carried out last minute errands.

Bronston, startled by his visions in the time storm, implored Jimothy to uncover any memories that may have been hidden from him. He did so, causing the magician quartermaster to writhe in pain as his hair turned grey. Memories of a massacre he had committed some time ago flooded back into his mind. Meanwhile, Anne Marie and Shayla bought several provisions for the ship, but Anne managed to steal even more without getting caught. Jimothy discovered how to phase his hands through solid objects.

After some deliberation, a crew of sixteen individuals was ultimately assembled to man the ghost ship. This included old enemies and allies, as well as many new faces. A vote for the next captain was then held, with the new crew immediately splitting into two factions: one in support of Jimothy and the other in support of Bomei, and indirectly, Duffy. Each side began arguing for why their nominee should be captain.

During this, Bronston visited Virgil, but the time sorcerer wanted nothing to do with him. An Atlantean himself, Bronston had murdered an entire enclave of his fellow brethren a hundred years earlier. Virgil had time travelled to the enclave to investigate a massacre that had supposedly taken place there, but the only person present was Bronston, who admitted to the crime. Furious, but unable to kill his own kin, Virgil settled on wiping Bronston’s memories and casting him out to sea. A hundred years later, fate brought them together again.

Virgil grudgingly expressed a desire for Bronston to redeem himself, possibly by defeating the Sentinels. The quartermaster then left, returning to the ship just in time to throw his support behind Jimothy. It didn’t help. Bomei ended up winning the vote, thus becoming captain of the Crimson Borei – his chosen name for the ship. The crew then set sail from Virgiltown, riding the choppy waves of the Atlantic Ocean and spending some much needed leisure time practicing and training.


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