Pirates | Cypher

Chapter Twenty: Journey to the Underworld

Dec. 15th - 29th, 1692

The journey to the Arctic was frought with many perils, but also some successful productivity. All of the crew members spent the three weeks at sea training in various skills. However, during the third week, Tsu’s treachery was revealed: he had been stealing from the ship’s provisions in order to sustain his unnatural metabolism.

Then, upon divulging his allegiance to the Sentinels, Bomei punished him by slicing off his legs and crippling him. This lasted for all of five minutes, before Tsu’s legs began regrowing at a furious rate. Perplexed, Bomei decapitated him and dumped his body overboard. The whole endeavor left the rest of the crew on edge.

Arriving at the Arctic, the crew sailed through a narrow pass between two massive, glacial walls that encased the humongous bones of some ancient monstrosity. Reddish, inky creatures began swirling around the crew. Bronston attacked one, which led it to teleport the stalwart quartermaster hundreds of feet into the air, surrounded by dozens more of the inky creatures. He fell toward the ocean.

The Crimson Borei continued sailing forward, unable to save Bronston, coming across a swirling vortex at the center of the water-basin they had sailed into. All then went black. Meanwhile, Bronston teleported himself last minute back onto the ship. The crew members awoke in the underworld, roots from a curious tree embedded in their brains. Bomei panicked and cut them off, but the roots, reluctant to retract, hemorrhaged his head and left him in a vegetative state temporarily.


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